Phasa Point


Phasa Point varmluftsmunstycke med integrerad nitning för inbyggnad specialmaskin

Nitning av enstaka eller upp till 4 st nitpunkter

A unique solution for Thermoplastic assembly the PHASA POINT combines a one piece heating and forming tool providing stress free secure fixtures without the need for expensive or complicated tooling design and customised process machinery.

The Phasa Point is as versatile as it is clever and is designed to be used as a stand-alone system for small run prototype work or it is equally at home as part of a large robotic production line for high speed manufacturing.



  • General Construction – Combined heater and manifold , manufactured from ceramic and Machine Tool Steel.
  • Electrical System –   220/240 a.c. 50/60 Hz. –providing 24V d.c. control supply.
  • Electrical Protection – Via RCCB and MCB overload trips
  • Temperature Control – Omron E5CS – sensing through k thermocouples.
  • Heating System –400W pulsed through temp / controller.
  • Process Control – Siemens
  • Operator Interface   Siemens
  • Documentation – Comprehensive instruction and maintenance manual.

 Tekniska data:

  • Standard Processing Area – Without Limit
  • Maximum Number of Fixing Points – Up to 4 per unit.
  • Nominal Cycle Time – 3/5 seconds
  • Air – Dry, oil free @ 3 / 5bar.
  • Electricity – 3,000 watt @ 240 V a.c.


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