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Safe manufacturing processes in automotive engineering through plasma pretreatment

In the automotive industry, consistent high quality processing is a requirement for efficient and cost-effective production.
The extensive and steadily growing use of adhesives, especially in the case of plastic connections, requires a consistently high level of surface adhesion so that a secure and long-term stable adhesive connection can be created.

The challenge of gluing plastics

The surface properties of polyolefins such as PP, PE with their inherently very low surface energies are the reason that subsequent adhesive processes such as gluing, painting and printing are a challenge.
Plastics such as PVC, PU, PC and others, as well as metals and glass, often need their adhesive properties to be optimized and homogenized before further processing.
Classic pretreatment processes, such as priming or flame treatment, are often associated with complex implementation and handling, high running costs for consumption and storage, high health and environmental requirements and difficult process control.

TIGRES plasma for optimal pretreatment in automotive applications

Plasma pretreatment at atmospheric pressure is a simple, inexpensive and, in particular, controllable type of pretreatment. The so-called activation enables optimal adhesive forces and wettability.

Easy integration and automation

The plasma nozzles can easily be integrated into existing production lines or robot handling systems.

Due to the low plasma temperature on the surface, the pretreatment of very sensitive materials is also possible if the parameters are selected correctly. During the pretreatment, the electrical plasma process works residue-free on the surface

Safe reproducibility

Reproducible, homogeneous pretreatment, even with sensitive surfaces, through adjustable and regulated plasma discharge.

Plasma generators continuously adapt the parameters to the preset target values so that the correct treatment parameters are always used.

Full monitoring of all process-relevant parameters

All process-relevant parameters are monitored by real-time monitoring with TIGRES SQI (System Quality Index) and are available for evaluation.

Through suitable processors, interfaces and protocols, the devices are fully Industrie 4.0 capable.

Glue and seal batteries securely

Modern batteries are high-performance products that must function reliably and permanently. Plasma pretreatment helps to improve the service life and quality of the batteries.

Clean the battery contact and fuel cells safely

With wire bonding, it is important that the base material is easy to weld in order to reduce and avoid errors in production.


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In order to achieve optimal results in coating processes and in wire bonding of battery contacts, reliable and reproducible results are essential.

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High-performance battery systems for electromobility consist of battery cells that are put together in stacks and built into battery housings.