Limma och försegla batterier

Safe bonding and sealing of batteries for electromobility with plasma pretreatment

High-performance battery systems for electromobility consist of battery cells that are put together in stacks and built into battery housings. Plasma pretreatment systems are used to permanently and safely glue the materials used for a long service life under all weather and driving conditions and to ensure the safe dissipation of the process heat generated by the batteries to the outside also to seal the battery housings reliably.
TIGRES plasma nozzle systems can be easily integrated into fully automated inline production processes in battery cell production and are therefore ideally suited for high production speeds and quantities.

Advantages of plasma pretreatment for battery systems

  1. Simple and clean process through cost-efficient, environmentally friendly electrical-physical plasma treatment
  2. Reliable reproducibility of the pretreatment, even with sensitive surfaces, because of the adjustable and regulated plasma discharge
  3. Full monitoring of all process-relevant parameters through real-time monitoring with TIGRES SQI (System Quality Index)