The automotive industry can’t get by without it: Openair® Plasma treatment

Bilindustrin bygger på robusta, finstämda processer. Dessa är en grundläggande förutsättning för att uppnå jämn och hög kvalitet. Samtidigt utgör hållbara, fasta ytöverdrag och användningen av avancerade material stora produktionsparametrar vid tillverkning av delar med komplexa former.

Openair® Plasma treatment meets the tough requirements of the automotive industry like no other pretreatment technology and is therefore firmly established in a variety of production processes at leading manufacturers..

  • Headlamps – bonding for strong insulation
  • EPDM Profiles – highly efficient plasma surface treatment
  • Automotive interior parts – large surface activation
  • Automotive exterior parts – plasma surface treatment of composite materials
  • Engine electronics – corrosion protection and tight sealing

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Modern headlights using LED technology last for the lifetime of the vehicle, thus eliminating the need to change bulbs. To ensure this longevity, they must be effectively protected to keep all moisture out.

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EPDM door seals perform two important functions: they act as weatherstrips and reduce the noise level perceived in the vehicle interior.

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Plasma surface treatment. Openair® Plasma jets for activation of large surfaces. plasma pretreatment of car interior parts with complex geometries before coating, wrapping or in-mold decoration (IMD) / in-mold labeling (IML). Alternative to flame pretreatment.

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Plasma surface activation for better paint adhesion on car exterior parts. Cleaning and activation of sheet molded compounds (SMC), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFP, GFRP), polypropylene (PP), EPDM.

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Bonding windshields without primer. VOC-free bonding of ceramic-coated glass with plasma coating. Plasma treatment of windshields. Bonding of glass ceramics.

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Plasma cleaning and selective plasma coating. Long-term sealing of automotive electronics. Corrosion protection seal, plasma polymerization for engines.