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Topic: Plasma surface treatment. Openair® Plasma jets for activation of large surfaces. plasma pretreatment of car interior parts with complex geometries before coating, wrapping or in-mold decoration (IMD) / in-mold labeling (IML). Alternative to flame pretreatment.

Reliable, efficient surface pretreatment of large or intricate car interior parts with Openair® Plasma

The use of plasma jets on industrial robots allows highly precise, rapid and environmentally responsible surface pretreatment of large three-dimensional car interior parts prior to coating, wrapping, in-mold decoration or in-mold labeling. For pretreatment of parts like instrument panels, door trims or sidewall trims a number of wide-angle rotary plasma jets are used, making it possible to achieve rapid uniform surface activation even over large areas.

Dashboard Treatment
Watch video:Treatment of automobile instrument panels
Complex components such as automobile instrument panels are treated inline with a robotic Openair® plasma system. The plasma treatment can be adjusted to sweep large areas or to precisely follow contours where adhesive is to be applied.

Unlike the commonly used flame method, surface pretreatment with Openair® Plasma causes only minimal heating of the parts. There are no undesirable side-effects such as deformation or too intensive treatment which would lead to a loss of adhesion.

Advantages of surface activation with Openair® Plasma:

  • High, uniform quality of activation even on large surfaces
  • Permits the use of non-polar recycled materials
  • Reliable process technology
  • No chemical consumables
  • No thermal distortion or degradation of parts