Bilar – exteriör

Topic: Plasma surface activation for better paint adhesion on car exterior parts. Cleaning and activation of sheet molded compounds (SMC), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFP, GFRP), polypropylene (PP), EPDM.

Plasma pretreatment of car exterior parts – cleaning and activation of complex multi-materials

Car exterior parts are today made of complex combinations of materials ranging from metal tailored blanks to sheet molded compounds (SMC) and glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP) to hybrid plastics.The starting materials have very different surface qualities.
Plasma pretreatment is a key technology for achieving stable material combinations and high-quality surface finishes with secure adhesion. It points the way ahead, both economically and ecologically.

Successful applications of Openair® Plasma in car exterior parts

  • Surface activation prior to painting of bumpers made of PP/EPDM compounds
  • Openair® Plasma pre-paint surface pretreatment of fenders made of SMC.
  • Plasma microfine cleaning of ceramic coatings prior to glazing.
  • Plasma microfine cleaning of aluminum frames for waterproof bonding of glass sunroofs