Openair® Plasma pretreatment – for reliable coating and flock coating of EPDM profiles

EPDM door seals perform two important functions: they act as weatherstrips and reduce the noise level perceived in the vehicle interior. Automobile door seals require specialty surface finishes to make sure that dirt particles will not adhere to them. However, getting a functional coating (anti-friction or flock coating) to adhere during the extrusion process is no easy task.

In the past, EPDM profiles had to be roughened continuously by means of rotating wire brushes – a complicated process with unpredictable results.

Watch video:Inline Openair® plasma treatment for extrusion of EPDM profiles.
Different nozzle arrays are positioned as necessary to cover the entire profile geometry. In this continuous process, the plasma activation is non-contacting, uniform, and highly effective.

Because of its distinct advantages, plasma pretreatment of EPDM profiles has rapidly become the state of the art in the automotive industry:

  • High productivity due to fewer rejects
  • 100% process monitoring with the plasma control system
  • Robust system technology 24/7, high availability (>99.5%)
  • Rapid set-up: simple, reproducible arrangement of plasma jets relative to the profile geometry