Topic: Scratch-proof and functional coatings for displays. Scratch-proof and anti-static coatings. Surface treatment with atmospheric plasma. Plasma cleaning & plasma activation.

Crystal-clear displays: plasma treatment for flawless protection and functional coatings

Modern touchscreens, LCD displays and TV screens make high demands on production processes as the plastic parts must be provided with highly transparent scratch-proof and anti-static coatings before they are bonded. The high degree of automation in the electronics industry demands a surface treatment process that can perform inline with the utmost reliability, delivering a high degree of activation at high speed.

The microfine atmospheric plasma cleaning and plasma activation provided by the Openair® process offers the electronics industry extremely effective solutions. Plastic displays are treated with plasma directly before application of the antistatic and scratchproof coating in the coater. Thanks to the high surface energy achieved by the Openair® Plasma technology, the applied coating spreads evenly to form a homogeneous film. This results in a flawless appearance and significantly reduces reject rates in production..

Openair® plasma treatment offers many persuasive advantages to electronic manufacturing and assembly:

  • Suitable for both selective and large-area surface pretreatment;
  • Higher quality coating and higher quality adhesion with lower error rates;
  • Outstanding control of physical process compared to wet chemical processes;
  • Significant simplification of your process chain; and
  • Ecologically responsible because it produces no waste products.