Tryckta kretskort

Ämne: Potentialfri ytbehandling av bestyckade kretskort. Superfin rengöring och ytaktivering av bestyckade kretskort. Plasmaaktivering av elektroniska komponenter.

Plasma Treatment for Printed Circuit Boards with Zero Volts!* – New Possibilities for Sensitive Electronic Applications

As the substrate for electronic components, printed circuit boards are partially conductive. Until now, this has meant that atmospheric procedures could not be used to process printed circuit boards. Any pretreatment method that even comes close to conducting electrical potential creates shorts resulting in the destruction of layout and components.

With these types of electronic applications in mind, plasma jets developed by Openair® work with zero voltage* input to the component. This unique feature of Openair® plasma treatment opens up possibilities for a whole range of industrial applications.

.Advantages of Openair® Plasma treatment for printed circuit boards:

  • Potential-free surface treatment (e.g., super-fine printed circuit board cleaning)
  • Makes new, more efficient process architectures feasible
  • Eliminates whole production lines in the manufacturing process
  • Makes it possible to selectively activate plasma in electronic components.