Ämne: Plasmabeläggning för ytaktivering. Screentryck och beläggning på högblanka ytor. Möbelkanter helt utan limstreck. Hård limmade förband. Funktionsbeläggningar.

Top quality for superior consumer goods: plasma assures secure bonding without solvents

Consumers are expecting more and more from the products they buy: flawless printing and coating on high-gloss surfaces, durable adhesive bonds, furniture edges with zero bondlines, pollutant-free production, new innovative material combinations, surfaces with dirt-repellent, non-stick, sterilizing or flame-retardant functional coatings – to name but a few examples. Openair® Plasma and PlasmaPlus® pave the way for innovative and cost-effective solutions in many different application areas.


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Plasma pre-treatment in furniture manufacturing. VOC-compliant (volatile organic compounds). VOC emissions.

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Pre-treatment. Plasma treatment for appliances. Bonding of plastic, metal, and glass without primer.

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Printing on children’s toys. Ink adhesion on plastic toys. Improved ink adhesion with non-toxic printing inks.

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Bonding of textile composites. “Green sneakers.” Manufacturing track shoes without solvents. Environmentally responsible track shoes