Topic: Plasma disinfection – surface disinfection with Openair® plasma. Sterile micro-cleaning.

Plasma disinfection – new methods to disinfect surfaces using atmospheric plasma

Naturally occurring microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria are critically important for the natural recycling of matter and the survival of ecosystems. Microorganisms are even used in the pharmaceutical and food industries to produce specific active ingredients.

On the other hand, bacteria and fungi can cause illness and a toxic reaction can ensue. Even the smallest contamination in industrial production can cause major problems, up to and including product spoilage or even the destruction of entire systems.

Keimwachstum ohne Plasmabehandlung nach AuslagerungMicrobial growth without plasma treatment after exposure

Keime werden durch Plasmabehandlung abgetötetGerms are killed by plasma treatment

Plasmatreat works together with leading institutions to implement Openair® plasma technology as a highly effective method of surface disinfection (plasma disinfection). The Openair® plasma process is especially suited for use in safely disinfecting surfaces when combined with pulsed plasma triggering and special process gases. Because plasma is potential free, the inline process is simple to control and its process parameters are 100% reproducible.