Nya energikällor

Ämne: Plasmabeläggning inom energitekniken. Solpanelteknologi. Vindkraftanläggningar. Elbilar. Energilagringssystem. Värmeisolering. Energieffektivitet i tillverkningsprocesser.

Regenerative forms of energy and saving energy– atmospheric plasma as a key technology

Climate change, resources that become more and more scarce, and a new environmental consciousness are central issues of our time. We are standing at the threshold of a new energy era. The goals are:

  • Increasing performance and reducing production costs per kWh
    of renewable energy technologies like solar technology and wind power systems
  • Storage of energy in high-efficiency gas accumulators and battery systems
  • Introduction of new drive motors for automobiles
  • Energy-saving construction and effective insulation in home and industrial construction
  • New, more efficient processes in all areas of industrial production

Openair® plasma treatment and the PlasmaPlus® process make new technological developments possible in all of these areas.


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Plasma treatment in solar technology. Plasma coating of solar thermal mirrors in solar energy systems. Corrosion protection coating for solar energy systems. Plasma polymer nanocoating. Plasma polymerization of solar modules.

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Plasma treatment of wind power rotors. Turbulence-free surfaces. Plasma treatment of GRP and CRP. Surface treatment and surface coating using atmospheric pressure plasma.

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Electromobility. Plasma treatment & nanocoating of electric motors, fuel cells. Hydrophilic, hydrophobic and insulating plasma coating. Functional coating. Wear protection coating for electrode systems.

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Energy-saving manufacturing processes using plasma technology. Atmospheric pressure plasma for energy-efficient surface pretreatment