Topic: Electromobility. Plasma treatment & nanocoating of electric motors, fuel cells. Hydrophilic, hydrophobic and insulating plasma coating. Functional coating. Wear protection coating for electrode systems.

Electromobility: plasma treatment for high-efficiency drive and storage systems

Wider use of electromobility is a critical issue for the future. New drive and storage systems are the focal points of development for all leading automobile manufacturers and electronics suppliers. The development of more effective drive motors (electric motors) with high efficiency as well as lighter and more efficient forms of energy storage (batteries, fuel cells) are critical for success.

Innovative material composites must be produced to manufacture high-performance systems of this type. In addition, the surfaces of the materials used must be functionalized selectively. Openair® plasma activation, combined with a PlasmaPlus® functional coating, offers industry a unique process, with outstanding results. Openair® technology is perfect for this, both because of its simplicity of application and because of the characteristics created by its functional coatings.

Examples of plasma coatings in the manufacture of electric drive and storage systems:

  • Selective hydrophilic/hydrophobic plasma coatings for transporting water out of fuel cells
  • Partial electrically-insulating plasma coating with defined dielectricity (insulation coating)
  • Wear protection coatings for electrode systems

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