Ämne: Plasmabeläggning och ytmodifiering i textila tillverkningsprocesser. Förbättrad vätbarhet, funktionsbeläggning och funktionsbehandling av tyger, fibrer och garn.

Durable colours, functional surfaces, high-speed treatment: plasma in textile manufacturing

Openair® Plasma pretreatment significantly improves the wettability of fibres and yarns, allowing even solvent-free dyes to bond well and durably. Surfaces can be provided with hydrophobic and dirt-repellent finishes. Openair® Plasma jets can keep pace with the tough demands of new high-performance spinning equipment.


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Plasma treatment of textiles. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic textile coating. Physical surface modification.Waterproofing, impregnating textiles and fabrics.

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GlowPlasma. Plasma treatment for wide fabric. Plasma modification of wide textile webs. Hydrophilization of textiles.

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Plasma suface modification and plasma coating of textiles. Functionalization of fabric. Plasma functional coating. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic textile coating.