Topic: Plasma suface modification and plasma coating of textiles. Functionalization of fabric. Plasma functional coating. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic textile coating.

Added value with plasma coating – precise functionalization of textiles with PlasmaPlus®

Fabric can acquire entirely new material qualities by creating new functionalities, like self-cleaning finishes, bioactive surfaces, and flame retardant properties, for example. Entirely new application possibilities are the result. In many cases, conventional materials can also be replaced by less expensive alternatives.

Textiles with functional coatings are required for the manufacture of sports and recreational clothing, protective clothing, barrier textiles, medical or hygiene textiles or for membrane in the context of textile architecture. PlasmaPlus® from Plasmatreat offers a particularly effective process for this that is easy to integrate inline, with the widest range of nano-coatings for fabric that can be economically applied.

PlasmaPlus® coating offers many advantages and options for functionalizing fabric:

  • High deposition rate with low material stress
  • Process that can be universally modeled, from hydrophilic to hydrophobic
  • Application of coats that repel oil and water
  • Creation of coatings with long-term stability