Topic: GlowPlasma. Plasma treatment for wide fabric. Plasma modification of wide textile webs. Hydrophilization of textiles.

Large-width treatment with penetration – GlowPlasma – pretreatment for textiles and nonwovens before dyeing

When textiles are treated with atmospheric plasma, it is especially important that knitted fabrics are activated uniformly, across their entire surface and in their entire structure.

Instead of jet technology that covers only one side, Plasmatreat has developed GlowPlasma, a process that combines plasma energy with the unique electrical design of a linear discharge station. GlowPlasma was designed for large width treatments, it penetrates deep into the pores of the textile to be treated, and initiates micro-discharges at that level. This unique plasma treatment hydrophilises the textile and facilitates wettability with water-based processing materials in subsequent steps, such as dyeing, printing, or textile finishing.

The Plasmatreat pilot workshop includes a conveyor system with integrated GlowPlasma for treating widths up to 300 mm and processing speeds of up to 400 m/minute.