Ämne: Atmosfärsplasmabehandling inom varvsindustri, flygplans- och fordonstillverkning. Plasmaaktivering och ytbehandling med atmosfärsplasma.

Air, sea or land – Openair® Plasma opens up new production routes in the transport industry

Transport is an industry where Openair® Plasma can display the full breadth of its application possibilities. In aircraft and aerospace manufacturing, atmospheric plasma pretreatment enables the use of completely new material combinations. In shipbuilding, pretreatment can take place directly in the shipyard thanks to Openair® plasma technology. Truck and trailer superstructures gain extra structural integrity and durability thanks to plasma activation of substrates before bonding. And the integration of Openair® plasma in two-wheeler manufacturing can eliminate entire production steps.


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Atmospheric plasma surface treatment of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in aircraft construction prior to adhesive bonding and painting.

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Corrosion protection in shipbuilding. Atmospheric plasma coating and surface pretreatment at the shipyard.

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Structural bonding in vehicle manufacturing. Plasma treatment for surface activation. Primerless structural adhesives.

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Primerless painting of fiber-reinforced materials (GFRP, CFRP). Plasma treatment surface preparation. Optimal paint adhesion without primer or power wash.