Topic: Corrosion protection in shipbuilding. Atmospheric plasma coating and surface pretreatment at the shipyard.

Application directly on site: Openair® Plasma facilitates direct surface pretreatment at the shipyard

Corrosion protection, lightweight construction and insulation are the most demanding challenges in shipbuilding. Here plasma technology opens whole new options to meet those challenges.
Openair® plasma means pretreatment can be performed in atmospheric conditions. This in turn means that entire components on completed ships and tankers can be treated with plasma directly on site. Fully assembled components can be completely pretreated for subsequent coating or for the application of insulation.


Advantages of Openair® plasma treatment in shipbuilding:

  • Considerable cost savings stemming from improved corrosion protection
  • Uncomplicated application, even for large-area pretreatments
  • Coating pretreatment without use of chemicals (purely physical process)