“All in One”

Openair® compact system PT5000N

The modern, light-weight design houses a bundled ”all-inclusive” package. Apart from a processor-controlled radio frequency generator, an integral compressed air supply system and the actual plasma nozzle, this small unit contains all what is needed for effective pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma. The system unites maximum performance with precise plasma power regulation and control functions.

The system is specifically designed for manual use or in other words for applications which only require plasma treatment on a temporary basis as is the case for testing purposes or small batches. Not only can the fair visitors see the operation of the new plasma unit with their own eyes but they will also be given the chance to test plasma treatment of plastic components by themselves.

Plasmatreat will furthermore have on show the complete range of plasma nozzles they have developed in over 15 years, and give advice on their versatile fields of application.