Topic: Manual plasma treatment with the plasma nozzle – RD2004 plasma nozzle. Plasma rotary nozzle. Plasma treatment of large surfaces. Plasma robot systems.

RD2004 Plasma nozzle: compact design, broad application range

The RD2004 plasma nozzle boasts a compact design suited for diverse applications of Openair® plasma technology. Its slim body allows good accessibility and effective treatment even in difficult installation situations (e.g. in the open tool of injection molding machines). In addition, this construction accommodates an array of several plasma nozzles so that even large surfaces can be pretreated consistently.

PT_plasmaerzeuger_RD2004_135x160hoch PT_grosse_behandl_breite_RD2004_135x160hoch
RD2004 Plasma nozzle RD2004 for larger treatment widths

With its low weight of 1.8 kg, the plasma rotary nozzle RD2004 is ideal for mounting on handling and robot systems. It pretreats surfaces with very high contour accuracy. The plasma is generated by a high-voltage discharge inside of the plasma nozzle and is then applied to the surface of the work piece using compressed air. Here, the heating of the component is generally less than

Advantages of the plasma nozzle RD2004

  • Low weight: ideal for use in robot and transport systems
  • Compact design: pretreatment of difficult, inaccessible component geometries
  • Cost-effective design: ideal for use in laboratory facilities
  • High flexibility: special RD2004H design allows manual plasma treatment without transport syste