Ämne:Processövervakning för plasmasystem. Processäkerhet vid plasmatillverkning och i plasmaappliceringsprocesser. Processhantering av plasmasystem.

For the Greatest Process Capability: threefold Openair® Plasma Process Monitoring

With more than 99% availability, Openair® plasma systems offer our Plasmatreat customers the greatest process capability. Openair® plasma nozzles can also be equipped with threefold process monitoring in order to respond quickly and effectively and prevent a system outage.


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Plasma system process monitoring. Process reliability when generating plasma and applying in plasma procedures. Process management in plasma systems.

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Along with plasma intensity and effective distance, the travel and rotation speed of the plasma nozzles is an important criterion of treatment quality.

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Control of the supply of media is indispensable to ensure reproducible process-specific plasma parameters (temperature and intensity).