Plasma MEF

Plasma MEF

Our Plasma MEF is due to its compact design ideal for flat substrates made of plastic or metal. The discharge width can be adapted to customer requirements.

Operation is normal, oil-free compressed air.

Corona-mef_04_full Corona-mef_01_full

Typical applications are the preparation of adhesive surfaces, in particular of injection-molded parts, pre-treatment at high speeds and the pretreatment electrically inhomogeneous substrates.


Extremely low operating costs and long service life is achieved by eliminating mechanical wear parts.

Specifications at a glance

Connection 230V / 50 Hz
Compressed air requirements 18l/min/Düse
regulated power ca.200W/Düse
Weight / head ca. 3 Kg
Working Distance 5 mm ±2 mm
Treatment Widths ca. 50 mm


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