Bell Jar 35

The Bell Jar 35 is a research plasma system developed for scientific experimentation. The system can be used for thermal evaporation, sputtering, electron beam evaporation, metal coating for SEM (scanning electron microscope) preparation, as well as for conventional plasma processes.

Basic configuration

– Body: W 610 mm x H 1,700 mm x D 800 mm
Chamber volume: about 8 liters
– Power supply: 400 V / AC 3 phases, 16 A

Gas supply

– 3 pcs. Mass-Flow-Controller (MFCs)

Vacuum chambers

The glass bell is made of borosilicate glass.
(approx. Ø 315 mm x H 500 mm)


– 1 sputtertable 2 ”- 3 ” + shutter
(gas mantle and inlet for reactive processes is optional)

Substrate holder

– Ø 140 mm (optional rotatable substrate heater, substrate cooling)
– Switchable as an electrode for plasma pre-treatment (cleaning,
Activating, etching)


– PC-Control (Microsoft Windows XPe)

Pressure measurement

– Baratron (for use with corrosive gases)


40 kHz: Power 0 – 500 W
13.56 MHz: Power 0 – 300 W

Bias-voltage source DC or pulsed unipolar
Power max. 300 W
Voltage max. 600 V DC

All generators are continuously adjustable from 0 – 100%

Vacuum pump

– in different sizes from different manufacturers
(With active carbon filter if required)

More options

Spare parts sets, pressure gauge, corrosive gas version, gasbottle, pressure reducer, faraday box, polymerization equipment , test ink set, oxygen-generator, slow ventilation of the vacuum chamber, slow pump down of the vacuum chamber, maintenance / service, documentation in national language, installation on site.