Phasa-applikationer inom övrig industri

Phasa_Other_1_ElectroluxEndCover This vacuum cleaner motor end cover processed using a PHASA 20/40 machine, forms 4 conventional stakes to retain a dust plate while at the same time creating a ”roll over” to retain the central bearing. This assembly becomes very hot in service and joint integrity is very important.
Phasa_Other_2_Scalectrix A special built rotary machine processes up to 50 different models of this popular electric car. Not only staking the contact points a magnet for track retention is also staked at the same time.
Phasa_Other_3_Imac Staking the speaker frets and CD lip to this transparent computer base housing was essential not only to maintain a secure fixing but the finished appearance as absolutely crucial. Special tooling was designed to accommodate a horizontal motion using a standard PHASA 40/40 machine.
Phasa_Other_4_Detonator This missile detonator for British Aerospace incorporates a ”roll over” feature securing 0.5mm thick disc of aluminium separating the detonating charge from the main charge. Mounted on 30% G.F. Polyethermide the fixing was both delicate and needed to be fully secured.


Phasa_Other_5_Kettle This kettle scale filter shows the delicate control of fixing the stainless steel spring without damage to the adjacent fine filter mesh. Repeated heating and cooling of this assembly during its working life has no effect on the integrity of the joint.
Phasa_Other_6_mobilephone Staking the polycarbonate windows on these Motorola mobile telephones called for accurate distribution of the heat energy eliminating any marking on the ”A” face. High production volumes were achieved with a consistent final product by using a PHASA 20/40 machine with multiple impression nests.
Phasa_Other_7_Keypad This key map panel for a Xerox copy machine has multiple stakes securing, but eaves a number of unprocessed stakes making the part a serviceable component thus saving the cost of a complete replacement assembly.
Phasa_Other_8_WaterMeterImpellor Part of a water meter these impellors have a magnet staked within the main armature. Using a standard 20/40 machine not only different size parts are processed but the magnet polarities are checked and confirmed at the same time.
Phasa_Other_9_Knit Staking into a die casting these multiple stakes have been formed into a counter sunk angled recess giving a smooth and balanced assembly for a high speed sewing machine.