Phasa-applikationer inom bilindustrin

Ford Focus car doors are processed (one every 10 seconds) using PHASA Rotary machines in Spain and Linear Machines in Mexico. Processing assemblies made from wood chip or plastic substrates often including sensing and bar code reading form a major element of Phasa business.
This air-bag safety critical assembly is well suited for the PHASA process, with various stake profiles simultaneously processed making for a secure and safe fixing performing well in ”pull off” tests and environmental climate extremes.
Phasa machines are used extensively in the production of these ”fly by wire” accelerator pedals. Phasa now has over 20 standard machines operating in the USA manufacturing these products, staking the small wiper contacts, the ceramic insert plate and the top cover.
The new BMW mini seat backs have the map net and carpet strip staked using the Phasa IV30/30 machine. Having painted surfaces it was extremely important to avoid any marking on the ”A” face, this inverted machine overcame any potential problem while at the same time gave easy operator loading and component sensing.
This pneumatic seat adjuster switch is processed using the standard PHASA 10/30 machine (with twin impression tooling). One part has a micro-switch fitted while the other has a gasket and ”O” ring included
for an air tight seal  to operate a push control valve.
An under bonnet management system is staked using a PHASA supplied processing head for incorporation within a customer provided flow line palletised system. The assembly method was chosen for its consistent reliable operation and the ability for the fixings to remain secure whilst operating in a harsh under bonnet environment.
This wheel trim incorporates a chrome insert badge. Often it is necessary when moulding this type of product to mask the area of stake for re-formed preventing the chrome deposit building up. With the PHASA process it is possible to heat and re-form the stake with a thin chrome coating thereby saving in both time and money.
A high quality HVAC control component is assembled using a standard PHASA 20/40 machine. Multi cluster stakes fix LED housings and maintain a PCB to the painted facia moulding.
Increasingly the Phasa process is becoming recognised as the only true way of effectively staking small contact wiper blades. High production volumes are achieved with multi component processing using pre-load nests. Stakes of 1mm. diameter secure the delicate wiper blade tight. Wiper metal fatigue and glass filler separation is eliminated.