Fördelar med CO2-snö


The liquid CO2 supply can either be realized with a CO2 low pressure tank or a single CO2 cylinder or a CO2 bundle, each with a dip tube. The compressed air supply is provided either via the house network or via a screw-type compressor. A power supply is not necessary. No employee is required to fill the blasting machines, to transport dry ice boxes or to order dry ice pellets.


No toxic chemicals or solvents are used. Contaminated waste water, which occurs during high pressure cleaning, is avoided. Only a minimal amount of waste is produced which has to be disposed of, as the CO2 snow particles evaporate on the surface. The CO2 used is a recycling product which doesn’t have to be specially produced for the process. Therefore the process is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.


The operating agent, liquid CO2, can be used at any time if the supply is provided via low pressure tanks or a single cylinder or a bundle or when using mini tanks. The quality of the blasting media doesn’t fluctuate if there are changes in storage or due to transportation. Changes in production or delivery also have no effect on the supply. Liquid CO2 is available almost everywhere in the world. It is available from gas suppliers in different containers with standardized hook-ups.

Application potential

Apart from cleaning surfaces, surfaces can also be pretreated before painting, coating and bonding processes. Other applications include deburring, cooling and decoating. As well as the removal of solid impurities e.g. particles, releasing agents, black wash, adhesives, bitumen deposits and varnishing deposits, it is also possible to remove viscous or liquid impurities without leaving a residue.

Finishing treatment

The dry and solvent-free process ensures that no residues are left on the surface. Condensation on components is virtually non-existent although it can occur on thin-sided metal components. If necessary, it is possible to warm the process air using a compressed air heater. The accumulation of moisture can therefore be completely avoided.

Impact on material

CO2 snow blasting is a process which is gentle on the substrate to be cleaned as the surface is not mechanically impaired by hard, compressed particles. It enables the cleaning of metal, synthetic, rubber, wood and textile surfaces. Even delicate composite materials, soft metals and electronic components can be treated without impairment.


CO2 snow blasting machines do not include any service parts which require servicing on a monthly or weekly basis. The working parts which need to be replaced is kept to a minimum.


An automated use of CO2 snow blasters can easily be implemented. The equipment can be configurated either to operate in synchronization or continuously. The implementation of flat nozzles with a width of up to 100 mm is very effective for large-surface cleaning.


Employees do not have to manually fill the blasting machines with blasting agents. CO2 snow blasting machines are very easy to use and have a well laid out indicating and operating unit. The CO2 snow blasting pistol has an optimal weight and is ergonomically formed.


The operator does not come into contact with dry ice, as a manual re-filling of the blasting machine is not necessary. No hazardous substances are released through CO2 snow blasting.


The hose package is light and can be easily adjusted with small bending radii. A cooling or even brittleness of the hose package doesn’t occur. The supply hoses for compressed air and liquid CO2 as well as the hose package are flexible in length and no loss of power is incurred.


CO2 snow blasting machines are considerably lighter than dry ice pellet equipment. This makes an application in difficult to access areas easier. It only takes one employee to lift a CO2 snow blasting machine.

Space requirement

Only connections for the liquid CO2 and the compressed air are required. Transport boxes for dry ice pellets are not necessary for CO2 snow blasting. Only minimal space is required.

Operating costs

The operating costs for CO2 snow blasting are minimal as only liquid CO2 and compressed air are needed.