Sedan 1993 är den Tigres GmbH en av de ledande tillverkarna av atmosfärtryck plasmasystem. Många material som används inom fordons-, flygindustrin, elektronisk, medicinsk, apparatur, trycknings-, textil- och förpackningsindustrin, bearbetas med vår utrustning. 

Här ser du Corona-utrustningar för plast-, metall- och kabelbehandling.


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The Corona-GUN CKG realized an indirect corona treatment with vanishingly low thermal loading of the substrates. As a counter electrode is not needed, it is very flexible.

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The Folienstation ZX and ZY are easy to complete our stations to corona treatment of plastic and metal foils.

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For Corona treatment of narrow foils the Foliestation SKF is an easy solution.

Läs mer »Skjutbord S2V

If individual sheets are pretreated, it can be done with the sliding table S2V-2. The system is designed for single sheets of metal or plastic foil to a thickness of about 1 mm.

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Our cable station SKD-V is suitable for all cables, hoses and wires up to 10 mm diameter.

Läs mer »Kabelstation SKD 2,5

Our cable station SKD-2,52 are suitable for all cables, hoses and wires up to 4 mm diameter.

Läs mer »Kabelstation MDK 0

The cable station MDK 0 is our race car for the cable preparation.The system can handle wire sizes up to 15 mm diameter.

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Plasma MEF

Our Plasma MEF is due to its compact design ideal for flat substrates made of plastic or metal. The discharge width can be adapted to customer requirements.

Operation is normal, oil-free compressed air.

Typical applications are the preparation of adhesive surfaces, in particular of injection-