Phasa-applikationer inom el-industrin

EL_1_ElectricPCB Ideal for the assembly of PCB:s the PHASA process gives a permanent long term secure fixing without damage to the board surface.

Up to 300 fixings per machine cycle is possible.


EL_2_Electricfusebox This fuse box has multi-fixing staking points which uses the standard PHASA 20/40 machine to crop the metal work and sense the circuit continuity in one complete operation.
EL_3_ElectricPBT A high volume domestic contact breaker has deep holed stakes processed by PHASA. This not only makes for a tight safe fixing but prevents tampering and invalid warranty claims.
EL_4_Electriccontactor(1) This internal component for a coin slot machine has two 0.6mm. stakes formed to retain the flexi-circuit. Not only a delicate assembly it is built to withstand constant use and sometimes operate within harsh environments.


EL_5_ElectricBox This cover with metal RFI insert for networking hubs has groups of stakes processed in one pass. The PHASA fixing remains secure in use throughout differing climatic changes.
EL_6_ElectricMicro Securing a glass window into a plastic surround for this microwave´door is achieved by forming a number of ribs in one direction.

It is important the glass be retained safely and leak proof and provides even after repeated slamming the stiffness required.

EL_7_ElectricFireswitch Using a special build flow line machine this high volume-safety critical fire point plate has a micro switch staked in place. Equally as important as high through-put is a blemish free A face.
EL_8_ElectricSonyKey This Sony computer monitor cover is processed using a standard PHASA 40/40 machine securing the control button trees. Accurate process control and consolidation pressures are critical in achieving the correct gap around each button and aperture.
EL_9_Electriccontact Securing brass contacts into this end cap is achieved by re-forming the plastic as a roll over to retain the contact.