The correct equipment for each application.

Our cleaning and blasting machines are “Made in Germany“ in accordance with the valid laws and standards of ISO9000. The high standards required by our customers ensure all our products undergo detailed quality controls. Modern design and development tools as well as innovative manufacturing processes are implemented in the shortest time possible into products which are ready to be produced in series.


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Blasting machines SJ-10 and SJ-25 are well tested series machines.

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The blasting pistol constitutes the technological core of the CO2 snow blasting process.

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All nozzles are made of an impact resistant, thermically insulated special synthetic material.

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Våra slangar är mycket lätta och kan monteras med små böjningsradier.

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The quality of the compressed air is definitely improved by using our mobile compres sed air filters. Even in sensitive areas our compressed air heaters offer a solution for completely avoiding condensation.

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Automated CO2 snow blasting systems are engineered and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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Each application has different supply, operation and safety requirements. With the following products, we offer a selection of technical solutions.