Lasersystem CL 100-FFC

Mobile and easy to use

Our newest laser system is based on our successful low power CL 100 laser.

We added a OSH 20 optic and a special Fiber-Fiber-Coupling to the CL 100 laser source, making this laser the easiest to use and handle yet!
This system is air-cooled, runs on 230 V, is very compact and nearly maintenance free.

The special beam profile makes the CL 100-FFC a perfect tool for mold cleaning, historic restoration or any other application where gentle cleaning is required.


Technical data

Average laser power: 100 Watt
Laserclass: 4
Electrical requirement: 230V



  • CL 100 air cooled laser
  • light weight housing on casters
  • OSH 20 optic
  • flat-top beam profile
  • 10 m high performance fiber
  • 230V


  • PC
  • 2-D scanning optic
  • remote service access
  • up to 50 m fiber length