Fasader murade/natursten

Natural Stone & Masonry Building Facades

cleanLASER technology can gently clean and remove soil from sandstone, marble, granite, terracotta as well as concrete without causing physical damage or harm architectural surfaces. Laser light can precisely clean colored and pigmented surfaces to remove centuries of soot, unsightly soil to restore the original beauty.

Very precise adjustment of the laser system’s power, from 0-100% and intensity through interchangeable laser optics, provide a unique and innovative tool for restoration unlike any other available.

Laser Systems Available to The Restorer:

  • Back Pack mounted ultra portable laser systems, small, lightweight, battery powered when needed
  • Powerful mobile laser systems for large-scale applications with beam delivery by fiber optic cable up to 50 m in length for optimal flexibility

Restoration with laser light – clean, gentle power – environmentally friendly.