Lasersystem CL 150

150 Watt cw – Diode pumped

State-of-the-art, powerful 150 Watt Nd:YAG, q-switched, diode pumped laser cleaning unit with an ultra compact full metal resonator designed for mobility and a wide range of applications.

The unit produces a high quality laser beam with a maximum output of up to 160 kW per pulse, a beam width of up to 75 mm. and a focal distance of 12,5 to 25 cm. Laser cleaning is accomplished by handheld or fixed optics, connected to the laser by a flexible 10 m fiber-optic cable. Digital controls with self-diagnostic features make this laser very easy to operate and adjust for optimal results in many applications.

The modular construction with the CL 150 allows us to offer this unit at a low price for a laser in this power class. This 150 Watt Nd:YAG laser is being used to clean molds, remove oxides, general surface cleaning, historic restoration and even for paint removal on aircrafts.


Technical data
Average laser power: 150 Watt
Length x Height x Width: 116 x 75 x 155 mm
Weight: 210 kg
Laserclass: 4
Electrical requirement: 3×400 V



  • 150W laser power
  • Q-switched
  • Low maintenance laser system
  • Air or water cooled
  • 10 m fiber
  • Flat top beam profile
  • OSH50 optic


  • Up to 50 m fiber
  • Beam switch to add 2nd optic
  • Various 1-D or 2-D optics available
  • Remote diagnostic
  • Robotic interface