Through innovative generator technology, TIGRES GmbH has the ideal generator type for every plasma application.


THE generator when it comes to process reliability for single or multi-channel plasma devices. Through the modular concept (1 to 4 channels per generator, multiple generators can be networked), any number of plasma heads can be operated and controlled centrally. Thanks to the low equipment required and the compact design, there is not much space is required even for any wide range of applications. The nozzle-specific power control, as well as the recording and analysis of the SQI enable unique process control and security.


The A-generator is the most compact and inexpensive generator in its class with minimal space requirements. It is extremely light and small and ideal for in-line integration in modules with little available space. It is also ideally suited for laboratory use through its easy operation and adjustable power setting. The plasma devices equipped with the A-generator are specially adapted to the requirements of machine builders (T-Spot A1 OEM) and for research and development purposes (T-Spot A1 Lab).


The well-tried generator for the generation of atmospheric plasma in 1 and 2 channel plasma devices. Based on OF frequency generator technology.


Special adaptation of the V generator for the 1 and 2 channel T-jet corona systems. Also available in the XW version with a special nozzle attachment for an extra wide pretreatment.


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The multi-channel generators of the TIGRES M series offer a modular system with maximum process reliability, great flexibility in a compact design.