Openair® Plasmageneratorer

Plasmageneratorer: central kontroll och övervakning av plasmasystem

Specialdesignade plasmageneratorer är grunden för högeffektiva och energieffektiva förbehandlingssystem. Vi ser utvecklingen av plasmahuvuden och generatorer som en holistisk uppgift.

Plasmatreat generators are designed for simple, robust, and reliable complete systems with extensive control and diagnostic functions, such as double resonance systems, pulse-pause modulation, and wide voltage control based on state-of-the-art IGBT and Power-MOSFET semiconductor technologies.

The results are Openair® plasma systems that prove their high quality in thousands of applications in practice:

  • Continuous (24/7) operation
  • With the highest system availability > 99%
  • With minimum maintenance cost, almost free of wear and tear
  • And high efficiency (energy efficiency)

Plasmatreat generator types are available with different performance and power output levels


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The FG5001 Plasma Generator is the basic unit of the Plasmatreat generator 5000 series. It is distinguished by its particularly compact design – allowing space-saving under-counter integration.

Läs mer »FG5002/FG5005

This plasma generator realizes both the activation of the Openair® plasma generator and the monitoring of the operating states by means of process controls developed by Plasmatreat.

Läs mer »FG5002S/FG5005S

The combination of the latest semiconductor technology, extensive sensors and maximum ease of use provide the Series 5000 generators with excellent performance.

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Openair® compact system PT5000N
The modern, light-weight design houses a bundled "all-inclusive" package.