Phasa 10/30


Erbjuder samtidig varmluftsnitning av enstaka eller upp till ca. 50 st nitpunkter inom ett detaljmått på ca. 100 x 150 x 20 mm. Ideal för små precisions- eller säkerhetsdetaljer.

The smallest in the range the 10/30 is designed for bench mounting to assemble parts of a maximum size 100 x 150mm.

Principally it is used to build electrical and white goods assemblies as a stand-alone operation or part of a cell manufacturing.

The machine will process all common thermoplastics – with or without filling materials.


  • General Construction- Cast “C” side frames, cast ground machine base-mounting plates.
  • Electrical System- 220/240V a.c. 50/60 Hz – providing 24V d.c. control supply.
  • Electrical Protection- Via RCCB and MCB overload trips.
  • Pneumatic System – SMC valves and air cylinders with Origa rodless index cylinder.
  • Temperature Control- Omron E5C3 Temperature control – sensing through ”K” thermocouples.
  • Heating System- 3,000W. energized by 28amp SSR – pulsed through Temperature Controller.
  • Process Control- Mitsubishi.
  • Operator Interface – Mitsubishi.
  • Guard System- Total enclosure with ”Drawer” type hard wired safety interlock & start    switch.
  • Documentation- Comprehensive instruction and maintenance manual

 Tekniska data:

  •  Standard Processing Area 100 x 150 x 20mm deep
  • Maximum Number of Fixing Points 50 positions
  • Mått (Dj.x B x H) 640 x 680 x 575 mm
  • Nominal Cycle Time 10 seconds
  • Basic Tool Change Time 5 minutes
  • Nett Weight (excluding tooling) 125 kg.
  • Air (subject to product & output) 2 cfm (1 dm3/s) @ 5.5 bar
  • Electricity 3,000 watt @ 240 V a.c.


  • Integrering med automatiserad i- och urplockning


  • Fixturverktyg
  • Nedhållare
  • Givare för kontroll av detalj, läge, färg etc.