Kabelstation SKD 2,5

Our cable station SKD-2,52 are suitable for all cables, hoses and wires up to 4 mm diameter. The design ensures that even thin-walled insulation will not be damaged during the pretreatment. The system is characterized by highly efficient, gentle, all-round treatment.


The pretreated surfaces are suitable for all inkjet and offset printing method.

Detail Description

The compact design and ease of use characterize the cable station SKD-2,52. In addition, no electrical connection to the core is required.


  • Increasing the effective discharge length to 430 mm
  • Rotatable tool: Access the front, rear ports
  • Frame to accommodate utilities, tool and blower
  • Activated carbon filter

Specifications at a Glance

Power / head 400 W
Electrode Double-Ceramic
discharge gap
Working direction Any
Construction Aluminum die-cast housing with safety switch