Märkning av metall

Laser Labeling & Marking of Metal

cleanLASER marking systems are excellent for use on metal substrates. Virtually any image can be created in fine detail by micro-ablation or thermally induced surface coloration.

cleanLASER technology reduces production cost as surfaces can be cleaned, pre-treat and laser labeled/marked all in one process step. cleanLASER systems provide excellent quality with durable dot matrix, barcode, human readable or image markings that endure the test of time.

Complete customized laser systems are available with integrated automation technology.


  • Powerful laser systems for high speed labeling
  • Efficient deep layer labeling possible
  • Labeling of moving parts or components on-the-fly with 2D or 3D applications
  • Parts can be marked in-situ – great for large/heavy itmes
  • Complete turn-key automation packages

cleanMARK offers two methods for marking metal surfaces:

  • Laser engraving:
    Top surface layers are precisely vaporized and ablated to produce a depth of engraving.
  • Laser marking:
    For steel and stainless steel, the laser uses thermal energy that changes the surface color and results in a permanent visible marking without roughening the surface.