Openair® plasmahuvuden för olika behov

Plasmahuvuden som är riktade mot materialet används för att generera och fördela plasman (kall plasma alstras). Plasman genereras inuti huvudet av en anlagd högspänning mellan stator och rotor och blåses ut genom huvudets munstycke med processgas.

With its patented nozzle systems, Plasmatreat has developed extremely robust, highly effective tools for industrial surface treatment. Both single nozzles and rotating plasma systems are available as plasma sources.

Single nozzles have a relatively small outlet angle and are therefore better suited for the treatment of narrow profiles. Rotating plasma systems, which distribute the pretreatment effect evenly onto over the larger work width as a result of the rotation principle, are better suited for wider processing surfaces.

Plasma slot nozzle: Depending on the speed and distance to the material to be treated, different activation of the surface is achieved. All treatment parameters can be accurately evaluated and reproduced.


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Pretreatment with the Openair® PFW10 plasma nozzle is done with very high contour accuracy and is potential-free (no transfer of voltage to the material).

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The RD1004 plasma rotary nozzle is used to generate cold plasma. This plasma nozzle is especially suited for thermally sensitive and geometrically complex surfaces and materials.

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RD2004 Plasma nozzle: compact design, broad application range. The RD2004 plasma nozzle boasts a compact design suited for diverse applications of Openair® plasma technology. Its slim body allows good accessibility and effective treatment even in difficult installation situations (e.g. in the open tool of injection molding machines). In addition, this construction accommodates an array of several plasma nozzles so that even large surfaces can be pretreated consistently.

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RD1010 Plasma rotary nozzle: plasma pretreatment of flat, large-surface components and films.
Rotary plasma unit with two plasma nozzles.