Tetra 150

The TETRA 150 plasma cleaner are available in many different configurations. The following is an overview of the most common plasma cleaner.

Basic configuration

– The outer body varies depending on the components / options
– Chamber volume: depending on the version 150 liters
– Power supply: 230 V AC for table top systems or
400 V AC / 3 phases for stand alone systems

Gas supply

– Mass-Flow-Controller (MFCs)

Vacuum chambers

Stainless steel
rectangular with hinged door
(approx. W 400 x H 600 x D 625 mm)

Loading with

Tray (option: water-cooled), quartz glass boat,
rotary drum for powder, rotary drum for bulk materials,
flat tray Aluminium, flat tray stainless steel,
flat tray borosilicate glass, flat tray quartz glass


– One or multi level electrode
– RIE – electrode


– PCCE-Control (Microsoft Windows CE)
– PC-Control (Microsoft Windows XPE)

Pressure measurement

– Pirani sensor
– Baratron (for the corrosive gas version)


– Digital


40 kHz: Power 0 – 1000 W; 0 – 1500 W, 0 – 2500W
13.56 MHz: Power 0 – 300 W; 0 – 600 W; 0 – 1000W
2.45 GHz: Power 0 – 1200W

All generators are continuously adjustable from 0 – 100%

Vacuum pump

– in different sizes from different manufacturers
(As required with active carbon filter)

More options

Spare parts sets, pressure gauge, corrosive gas version, gasbottle, pressure reducer, faraday box, polymerization equipment , test ink set, oxygen-generator, slow ventilation of the vacuum chamber, slow pump down of the vacuum chamber, maintenance / service, documentation in national language, installation on site.