Limförbehandling av plast

Bonding Preparation of Plastics

cleanLASER technology can be used for treating plastics to enhance adhesive bonding by removing surfaces contaminants such as release agents, residues and by creating unique surface profile. The laser beam safely and precisely exposes a clean surface optimized for subsequent bonding.

Laser surface preparation has proven effective with carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) and plastics. Industries that require bonding to CFRP and PUR rubber have a long and successful history using cleanLASER systems.


  • Cleaning rates up to 80 m² / h, preparing PUR rubber for bonding
  • Cleaning rates up to 50 cm² / sec, surface structuring/preparing CFRP for bonding

cleanLASERs‘ effectivness for the surface treatment of plastics is limited to those those that are pigmented/ colored, and able to absorb the laser beam’s wavelenght.