ACP JetStation

The JetStation is a stationary cleaning system based on the innovative acp CO2-Snow-Jet cleaning process.

The nozzle and process technology is individually adapted to the application and does only consume the amount of CO2 necessary to complete the task.

The JetStation cleaning system is easily equipped with a CO2-gas bottle, and is immediately ready to operate after being connected to the compressed air network through the quick connector.

The JetStation cleaning system includes the fully integrated process technology with extraction system and process monitoring. The cleaning system is ready to be used as a noise reduced hand-work place as well as a stationary workstation.


Dimensions 2100 x 1200 x 800 mm
Empty weight approx. 300 kg
CO2-supply Standpipe bottle / fluid gas tank
CO2-fill capacity 32 kg
CO2-consumption 0,15 kg/min
Standard-capillary Ø 0,35 mm
Compressed air 6-10 bar 0,55-1,3 m³/min
Working pressure Up to 16 bar
Hose connector Compressed Ait Quick Connector NW 7,2
Power supply 400 V / 16 A
Housing material Stainless steel




The integrated CO2 Alarm sensor is used for ambient air monitoring. It permanently monitors the ambient air. If the CO2 concentration exceeds a specific value an alarm signal will be generated.


Heating system to treat the substrate. At this the jacketed jets of the nozzles are heated up while and after cleaning to protect the substrate from condensation.
ion_230px The ionised air system will increase the cleaning performance by reducing electrostatic charge of the part during cleaning.