ACP JetModul

The JetModule in an integrable process technology unit for automated CO2-Snow Jet Cleaning.

It can either be utilized as a mobile appliance or a stationary construction. It qualifies for the use in robot controlled enrironments or linear motion systems as a cleaning system prior or after any process of machining.

A single supply unit is designed to drive single nozzles and nozzle arrays with up to 15 nozzles.


Dimensions 650 x 550 x 1420 mm
Empty weight approx. 75 kg
CO2-supply Standpipe bottle, liquid gas tank, bundled bottles
CO2-consumption max. 1,25 l/min (with 0,4mm capillary)
Standard-capillary Ø 0,35 mm
Compressed air pressure-dependent, typically 1250 l/min at 6 bar
Working pressure Up to 16 bar
Hose connector Compressed Air Quick Connector NW 7,2
CO2-connector 6mm tube fitting
Power supply 230 V / 16 A
Housing material Stainless steel


Accessories and components

duesenarray_230px Nozzle Array with 5 nozzles
15duesen_230px Nozzle Array with 15 nozzles exemplary mounted on a robot arm
The optional CO2 Alarm sensor is used for ambient air monitoring. It permanently monitors the ambient air. If the CO2 concentration exceeds a specific value an alarm signal will be generated.
Heating system to treat the substrate. At this the jacketed jets of the nozzles are heated up while and after cleaning to protect the substrate from condensation.
purif_150px The acp CO2-Purifier System ist an optional stand alone unit, that provides particulate and chemical conditioning of the CO2-media for high purity applications such as wafer cleaning.