Innovative CO2 Snow-Jet Cleaning Process

ipa_100pxThe acp cleaning systems are based on an innovative CO2 Snow-Jet Cleaning Process at the use of recycled gas developed by the Fraunhofer Society of Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart.

Solid CO2 ice crystals are used as a jet medium. With its combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, CO2 snow is able to detach and remove surface contamination. The CO2 snow cleans gently, is dry, residue-free and suitable for a wide variety of materials and material combinations.

Patented Supersonic Jet Nozzle Technology

duesenarray_230pxThe essential component in CO2 Snow-Jet technology is the cleaning head designed as a supersonic two-component concentric nozzle. The liquid carbon dioxide expands as it exits to become a mixture of snow and gas which is accelerated to supersonic velocity by compressed air.

Thus multiple cleaning effects occur directly on the surface that dissolve and remove film like and particulate contamination.

Besides a variety of different nozzle adaptions scalable nozzle arrays and flat nozzles are available for cleaning larger areas.

Capability of being integrated and automated

The CO2 Snow-Jet Cleaning technique can be integrated as a part of an automated flow process into a wide variety of cleaning systems.

Depending on customer requirements fully automated as well as custom solutions are implemented. The technology can be used as stand-alone cleaning equipment or integrated to chained up production lines (”One-Piece-Flow”).

Integration into robot line

Cleaning before painting or coating of technical surfaces.robot_230px

Integration into automated assembly


autom1_230pxThe CO2-Snow-Jet cleaning process can be implemented into automated line production equipment. An example is deflashing and cleaning of a precision component for automotive industries.




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Man erhåller en stråle med ca 5 mm diameter vilken sublimerar och löser speciella organiska substanser. Flera fasta föroreningar och skiktbelagda ytor kan rengöras utan tillsatsmedel. Tack vare en ringa kristallhårdhet, är CO2-snö skonsamt mot materialet och rekommenderas där kraven på renhet är höga.

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The JetModule in an integrable process technology unit for automated CO2-Snow Jet Cleaning.

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The JetStation is a stationary cleaning system based on the innovative acp CO2-Snow-Jet cleaning process.

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CO2 snow-jet cleaning modules possess the complete process technology required in order to equip new or existing large scale plants or production lines with the innovative CO2 snow-jet cleaning technique.